Performance Tech

Transform your company's performance through the most advanced technologies.

With the use of artificial intelligence, data analysis, management platforms and the use of our proprietary Go to Market methodology, we carry out a thorough analysis of the competition, collecting its main characteristics, so that we can develop the best performance strategies for your company.

How can digital transformation bring important advances in business performance?

The use of artificial intelligence, process automation and advanced data analysis techniques are examples of advances with the potential to transform a company's performance. The collection, storage and analysis of large volumes of data allows the creation of true insights, as well as the identification of cost reduction or revenue increase opportunities.

The automation of repetitive and routine tasks increases the company's efficiency by ensuring that its employees are focused on the core business. Artificial intelligence can enhance existing solutions and enable novel solutions to complex problems.

Control and optimization of costs and expenses

Both granularity and daily monitoring are very important to find and reduce waste and identify opportunities for improvement in governance. We managed to increase our customers' cost control through the latest innovations in data analysis and management platforms. With the support of artificial intelligence, we are able to ensure that no cost is disregarded in the analyses, that is, we offer total control of expenses.

Go to Market

We have our own Go To Market methodology that addresses all the main topics to ensure success in the deployment of products or new lines of business for our customers. We developed the detailed product positioning, the ICPs (Ideal Customer Profile), a granular and competitive pricing tree, and the complete sales plan. All with details on how to speed up the sale, especially in the short term.

Market Intelligence

We do a complete mapping of the competition, identifying the strategy of each of the competitors and their main characteristics. We assist in the creation of business plans considering all internal and external data, industry volumes and macroeconomic trends.

Mix/portfolio review

Through various analyses, we optimize our clients' portfolios. We identified which products have the highest cannibalization rate (substitutes), the highest complementarity rate and the highest sales uplift rate. The portfolio is one of the most critical points in the success of companies.

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